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Creative Sales and Marketing Consultancy Breaks the Mould

Creative Sales and Marketing Consultancy Breaks the Mould

A new sales and marketing business, launched to help firms recover from the effects of the pandemic, is set to disrupt the conventional consultancy model.

Interlock360 is a full-service sales, marketing and creative consultancy which works with companies ranging from start-ups looking to launch their business with a bang to established companies eager to revamp existing sales and marketing efforts.

It specialises in sales strategy, marketing strategy, creative design, public relations and communications, photography and videography, digital marketing, social media, data and analytics, as well as app and website design, development and maintenance.

Interlock360 will provide targeted sales, marketing and creative support to small and medium-sized companies looking to secure sustainable growth and capitalise on new opportunities across both B2B and B2C markets.

Operating through a flexible ‘plug-and-play’ approach, clients can use as many of its combined services as required to fill any skills gaps within their organisation, or to complement the knowledge of existing staff.

Interlock360 was set up with an initial team of eight dedicated sales, marketing and creative specialists – all with experience of running their own individual businesses. The firm is headquartered at Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen, and has additional presence in both the Leeds and Newcastle areas but plans to extend its reach throughout Edinburgh, Glasgow and the north of England within the next 12 months.

Chris Robinson, joint managing director at Interlock360, has more than 20 years’ experience in the field. For the past five years, he has grown his own company- Collaborative Business Development in Aberdeen.

Chris said: “The inspiration behind the new company came from initial market research which showed a lack of agencies considering all aspects of the sales, marketing and creative disciplines when developing strategies and campaigns.

“Interlock360 unifies the entire customer journey, from developing effective sales and marketing processes and strategies to creating eye-catching branded materials and content. This presents a significant gap in the market, which is vital for firms looking to gain competitive advantage and increase their resilience in today’s challenging business climate.”

Joint managing director Sarah Alcock has over 20 years’ experience in digital and integrated agencies. During this period, she has worked with regional, national and international brands to create strategies and campaigns designed to increase brand awareness and generate sales.

Sarah added: “What makes Interlock360 so unique is our joined-up thinking. Our approach considers the client brief from all angles; ensuring that sales, marketing and creative are planned together, not in isolation – or by a multitude of misaligned third-party suppliers.

“When working with Interlock360, clients can also be assured they are working with director-level talent. With over 150 years’ combined experience, our team has worked across a huge spectrum of industries, including oil and gas, retail, financial services, and construction.

“Not only can we hit the ground running, but we possess the skills and know-how needed to ignite our clients’ brands and supercharge their sales.